Walmart launches My Car Without a Driver Program

There’s something about the machine that can be even better compared to doing things by hand. This is why many factories are turning to using robots to manufacture and assemble products because they can be more efficient because they don’t need to stand to rest and can work at constant speed.

It’s no surprise then that we’re starting to see some of those devices when it comes to sales as Walmart and Gatik have announced that they have rolled out their program to provide driverless trucks. This will see the demolition by trucks with a safe driver behind the wheel, absolutely no driver.

According to Tom Ward, senior vice president of last miles at Walmart US, “Through our work with Gatik, we have found that independent packaging trucks offer an efficient, safe and affordable solution for transporting goods on recycled routes between our stores. We are pleased to working with Gatik to achieve this priority, no driver in our state of Arkansas and looking forward to continuing to use this technology to serve Walmart customers at speed.

The first tour will cover seven miles for Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas and will see these trucks carrying groceries from a Walmart delivery point to a nearby store. ane Walmart Neighborhood Market in Bentonville.

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