What goop Editors hope to clarify this year

We’re making our lists and checking them twice, and by adding them to the gift basket in the name of gifts, we’ve put together some wish lists along the way. Below, the eight editors share what they expect most; so we hope to see the right people here.


Sandra Slusarczyk

associate fashion editor

“Poetry, comfortable, but very stylish, this G. Label piece is at the top of my list. I love the long sleeves and the cut square. I know that this gray sweater that goes with everything will always be a basic item in the wardrobe. “

  1. G. Label
    Yang high-waisted turtleneck sweater
    goop, $ 595



Kiki Koroshetz

director of welfare, content

“Much has been said about the miracles of the HigherDOSE sauna blanket and infrared mat. As someone who lives in a one-bedroom apartment with little storage space, I’m amazed at the new versions of the infrared mat, which are small enough to fit inside a bag. “It’s designed with electromagnetic fields and layers of amethyst and tourmaline. You can sit or lie on the floor or sit on a table chair. All the possibilities seem overwhelming.”

  1. HigherDOSE Infrared Mat

    Infrared PEMF Go Mat
    goop, $ 499



Amanda Chung

senior editor

“I moved into a new apartment that had to be filled with a lot of empty walls, and this would be perfect for one of them. it’s kind of, but without commitment. ‘

  1. Vestaboard Smart Messaging Display

    Smart messaging screen
    goop, $ 3,075



Caroline Griswold

fashion editor

“I would like to add this Roberto Coin ring to my jewelry collection this holiday season. My jewelry style is classic and minimal. I usually wear the same pieces every day, and it’s very rare for me to mix them up. it fits in. The gold in each other is very elegant, and the pavé diamonds give it a perfect shine.This puts me at the top of my wish list!

  1. Roberto Coin
    Roberto Coin, $ 1,990 (coming soon)



Kate Wolfson

Content VP

“I could talk about how smooth this hybrid gown puffer is, how tidy the duvet cover can be washed in the washing machine, or how pretty the silhouette box is, but I really want it. Ama? Sam? GP? Who gets me? “

  1. OFF HOURS Home Coat

    Home coat
    goop, $ 295



Caitlin O’Malley

food manager

“Hello, I am a friend obsessed with your real crime. That cult you read recently? I had already listened to the podcast and watched two doc series. Don’t even worry about suggesting a British procedure — I’ve seen them all and am now getting into Nordic — with damn subtitles. What I haven’t done yet is graduate to solve crimes on my own because I’m ultimately just a cook, which is scary! Dear Holmes provides a safe way to play Sherlock from home, with weekly letters with instructions on Victorian-style mysteries. It’s so skillfully done, and the attention to detail will win over any amateur researcher. ”

  1. Dear Holmes
    Monthly Mystery Solving Subscription Box
    Dear Holmes, $ 60 for three months



Brianna Peters

associate beauty editor

“I go out every morning and buy a frozen espresso, but now that I’m renovating my apartment, I dream of upgrading to this elegant and stylish AF automatic espresso. It prepares the most delicious coffee ever ground and gives oat milk as if it were a heavy cream. I’m excited to break the habit of disposable plastic cups by making coffee at home, and it will look beautiful in my new kitchen. (Someone please get me.) ”

  1. Terra Kaffe TK-01 Espresso Machine

    Terra Kaffe
    TK-01 Espresso Machine
    goop, $ 825



Samantha Saiyavongsa

senior director of programming

“There’s nothing more special than a personalized gift, and you can’t go wrong with astrology. This timeless necklace is simple enough that I would wear it every day: I love the paper chain. Besides, I will never be silent because it is my sign, so this is the piece of expression I need. ”

  1. Roberto Coin
    Zodiac pendant
    Roberto Coin, $ 4,300


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