What is your relationship status? Only one? Married? Is it difficult?

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This sunny Tuesday, let’s talk to a girl.

Some of my friends are getting together now, and I love hearing their stories. The other day, I asked a friend how a dinner went recently. He translated the text: “If Dita’s goal was to learn how to do my job better, it would be great.” He laughed at me for ten minutes. Reunion! It’s fun and it’s also not fun! I remember them incidents as if it were yesterday.

I also came across a fun one New Yorker piece about updated “rules” of dating. Here is an excerpt:

A fun New York dating story

The advice I always try to remember: be your weird self and someone will LOVE it.

So what is your relationship status these days? Only one? Dating? Engaged? Hooked? Divorced? I would love to hear …

PS 14 readers comment on dating, and how do you know it’s your partner?

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