WhatsApp Community can be the Company’s answer to Discord

Discord has been able to grow itself over the years in a very effective way not only for players, but also for companies looking for a way to connect with their customers in a more effective way. personal. It also encourages villages to be able to bring together a company’s customers or users as a special group or fun to talk about.

It seems now that WhatsApp wants to try something similar on their own. As found by XDA Developers ma WABetaInfo, WhatsApp seems to be working on a new group called Villages. It looks like a more advanced group, which allows group managers to create groups within groups.

Similar to Discord where in the bridge service, there are a few ways that one can be used for broadcasts, the other for audio chat, the one for public discussion, and so on. In a way, platforms like Telegram already offer a similar feature that allows users to join Telegram sections to receive information, product promotions, and more.

WhatsApp is also planning to sort common sites from Nuu and its images. Public organizations will have a square symbol with rounded corners, while general organizations will have a circular symbol. There’s no word yet on when the show is expected to roll out, but for heavy WhatsApp users, it might be something to look forward to.

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