Zhiyun has introduced the New Crane M3 Camera Gimbal

Just think how some of the videos you see get a smooth slide when moving forward, backward, and side by side? Many thanks to devices called gimbals that help provide a comparison to cameras and allow them to stabilize even when they are moving. .

If you’re a filmmaker trying to achieve those experiences, you might be happy to know that Zhiyun has unveiled his new gimbal camera called the Crane M3. The Crane M3 is designed with no mirrors in mind and while there are many of them out there, the Crane M3 has some special features to help. to differentiate it from the competition.

It includes a small LED light that can help illuminate the scene (in a special way) as well as a built -in screen. It also features a quick fix design that allows you to switch in and out cameras that can use different dishes without having to re -balance the gimbal. There is also a quarter inch screen that allows users to install a professional microphone if needed.

Zhiyun also said that, along with the Crane M3, they have upgraded the engine to offer more power compared to its predecessors, and that it will come with better performance and will fit the 90 % of cameras have no external mirrors. No Crane M3 prices start at $ 369 for the gimbal only, but there are more expensive options that come with accessories.

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