Apple will kindly allow you to screen your iPhone 13 without turning off face ID.

From the article: Apple has kindly decided to back away from a trap to make sure the Face ID -enabled face on the iPhone 13 was suddenly re -installed.

According to a new report from The Verge, Apple plans to soon release a software update that eliminates the need for a small microcontroller to be introduced from the original design of the iPhone 13 in order to fit a new device with Face ID. . That process of migration, according to the report, now requires “… time, technical equipment, and the capacity to microsolder” —as the spiritual opposite of what is often involved. the process of repairing the blade under normal conditions.

For independent repair shops, the extra effort needed to replace the iPhone 13’s face while the continued use of Face ID has disrupted one of the most common types of mobile phones, greatly disrupting consumers and businesses. professionally. Last week retailers and how-to website iFixit reported changes to the upgrade process, calling the change “a dark day for installers, not only DIY and professional. ”

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