Attractive Brain Converts Adult Thoughts Into Text With 94% Accuracy: gadgets

Excerpts from the article:-

“In the tests, the man was able to achieve a writing speed of 90 characters per minute (about 18 words per minute), with about 94 percent accuracy (and up to 99 percent accuracy and autocorrect possible).

Not only is that rate much faster than the previous BCI (Brain – Computer Interface) model (using things like computer graphics), but it’s almost the same as the speed of typing by smartphone users in human age – about 115 letters or 23. words per minute, researchers say.

“We’ve learned that the brain retains its ability to direct positive actions over a decade after the body loses its ability to perform those actions,” he said. Willett said.

“And we’ve learned that intentional movements involving changes of speed and complex paths, such as handwriting, can be interpreted more easily and more quickly by using intelligent algorithms that are we use it instead of using specific actions such as moving a box to a right. by a constant speed. “

In fact, researchers say that alphabets are very different from each other in appearance, so AI can determine the user’s intent quickly while writing letters, compared to others. BCI systems do not use many internal variables. the same way.

Despite the potential of this first-of-its-kind technology, researchers have emphasized that the current system is only a confirmation of current ideas, as it has been shown to work with one participant, so it’s certainly not a perfect, useful use. right now. “

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