CAMERA HW Sikoa #11: TCL, Motorola, Samsung

In this round, we are adding and updating the latest data of cameras and score updates from phones that people can purchase during the holiday season. Most of these phones represent the top products offered by the company, so the capability of the camera equipment is definitely important to you.

We are sorting the cameras according to their purpose power tools, using our property CAMERA HW signal and its algorithm allows us to analyze hundreds of mobile phones and provide an overview of the market.

For more information about this brand, check out Meapueata HW FAQ. Of the full list of cameras located at the bottom of the page. The algorithm is audible and adaptive in conjunction with real -world image analysis from our source images Camera IQ indicator (IQ = Image Status).

Of the TCL 20 Pro 5G the phone line is now led by TCL, and comes with a quad-camera model on the rear, like the TCL 10 on the front. However, the 20 Pro CAMERA HW score is 119, down from 10 Pro’s 136.

So what happened? From the data we have, the TCL 20 Pro 5G is the first camera to use a low -performance device, affecting its image quality. The Ultrawide camera remains the same, so there are no significant changes there.

Looking at the full picture of the phone, it looks like TCL is consuming resources around because the TCL 20 Pro is there. 50% higher image performance than the TCL 10 Pro with a better cassette. The new phone is better, but the camera doesn’t win the BOM shifting (bill of material).

On the Samsung side, the new one Galaxy With Fold3 ma With Flip3 folding phones are the talk of the town, with more cargo than the previous generation. Not surprisingly, the Z Fold 3 is good CAMERA HW score of 157, which is placed next to the Galaxy S21 camera you’ve heard of. Don’t miss our filling Galaxy Z Fold3 review.

But for Galaxy Z Flip3, his camera is more modest score 117, which is placed close to something like the Galaxy A52’s camera.

The reason for this score of design challenges comes with an integrated mobile phone. Some internal sound is lost, and parts have to be small, including cameras. You can see sample photos and more camera information in our profile Z Flip3 review.

We have recently review the moto pito 2021 recently finished introduced in NYC, an excellent 5G mobile phone from Motorola. Its camera has a CAMERA HW score of 141, which is exactly the same as the 2020 model.

However, there is a nuance as to how you use it. Unlike TCL, Motorola has changed resources from Ultrawide cameras to previous camera, which is now better. If the Ultrawide image is a secondary concern to you, then you’re still winning.

We’ll be adding some points this shopping season, though remain for big names. Stay in touch Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ma YouTube. To find information on your survey, click on the orange button below.

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