Emily Ratajkowski’s Zara cowboy boots are sure to sell out

Emily Ratakowski gives us a lot of great outfits this week as he advertises the release of his memoirs, My body. Although there have been miniskirt dresses, full Versace logo dresses, leather skirt suits and much more, we are here to talk about her most affordable look, including jeans, an oversized blazer, a turtleneck bodysuit and a desired pair. Zara boots.

Almost all of Ratajkowski’s looks this week included knee-high boots, including the jeans we love so much. In this case, she was wearing a pair of western boots for $ 199 from Zara. Leather boots are quite traditional, with upper seams, pull, Cuban heel and pointed toes. They are a great price for such a high-end look, which probably explains why they sell out quickly. But fortunately, Zara often replenishes stocks of popular items, and there are now plenty of other cowboy boots to choose from. Scroll to purchase the exact pair of EmRata and some of these other expensive looking options.

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