Google Launches New Communication Tool For Speech Disabled Users

People with speech problems may have difficulty trying to communicate with people around them. This is because of some speech disorders, which can make it difficult to understand. However, Google hopes to solve that problem by using its speech recognition technology.

Google’s speech display is one of the best out there, but it’s not very useful for people with speech impediments because there aren’t many examples to pull off. from there, which is why Google re -launched its “Relate” project in 2018 to improve its voice recognition so that it is more accessible to all users.

The app is currently in beta but what it can do is detect spoken information from people who have difficulty speaking clearly. Users then have the option of translating that voice into text that they can use to attach to messages or emails, or repeat aloud into a voice. add.

In the video above it talks about Relate and offers a small example, which can be useful for those trying to talk to strangers, such as ordering a drink from a cafe. It will also work with Google Help which will be able to detect the internal voice and perform tasks as normal.

As we said, the app is currently in beta but Google hopes to hire more testers from other parts of the world to help provide feedback and improve the app. If you like it, go to Google for more information.

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