I am selling news for season 4 Sunset, release date, who is leaving and spoilers

In the chaos of quarantine, sliding into the white tiles of the world of multimillion ads on Netflix Sunset for sale can only be described as a distorted type of complacency. Virtual immersion in these azure endless pools can clear the mind for only so long, but wow, for these few glorious moments? The relief is immediate. Especially when the drama is equally ostentatious – and captivating.

After the stars of the Los Angeles-based real estate show, including Mary Fitzgerald, Christine Quinn, Crystal Staus, Davina Potraz, Heather Ray Young, Amanza Smith and Maya Vander, return for season 3, viewers who like their HGTV served with a garnish of The hills immediately started praying for season 4. Netflix has finally resumed the show, so you don’t have to worry about missing it for too long. Here’s what we know to follow for The Oppenheim Group.

The show has been renewed for season 4 and 5.

Netflix has officially announced that there is more drama.

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Of course, no one is really surprised. In an interview from the beginning of September with Fun tonight, boss Jason Oppenheim hinted: “I have no doubt that we will do many more seasons with Netflix.” Which seems to mean that season 5 is not the end?

Season 4 premieres on November 24.

The wait is almost over. New episodes of Selling Sunset arrive on Netflix on Wednesday, November 24, just in time for Thanksgiving. A new trailer shared by the streamer introduces new Oppenheim brokers – Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan – and the drama that comes with them.

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All the stars seemed to have joined the fourth chapter. In an interview with Women’s health, Fitzgerald said: “I know the people I’m talking to – Heather, Crischel, Amanza, Jason and Romain – we’re all ready for the fourth season.

Last year, Quinn said Grace, “We will shoot [in 2021], now I hear. We have such a large production; there are so many people on our crew. “

I’m talking to Women’s health,, Stause added: “Although it is too early to say what my role will be in the future, I can say that I will be shocked if the show does not continue.

Young’s fiancé, Tarek El Musa of HGTV, is likely to appear.

Young is now engaged to HGTV presenter Tarek El Musa, whose own relationship drama created a lot of excitement when he divorced his co-host and his wife Christina Ansted. She has since remarried English TV presenter Ant Anstead and seems to wish success to her ex-husband and his new love. In an interview with And! News Shortly after Young and El Musa announced their engagement in July 2020, Ansted said: “I could not be happier for them. They are very happy. “

Young said Fun tonight there may be a deal in the work between Netflix and HGTV that will allow El Moussa to appear in Sunset for salefourth season. This, of course, would open the door to a screen wedding.

“So much of my life is Tarek, Young he said And. “He can’t participate in the show with me, so all I can do is talk about him, right?” And let’s talk about our moments and talk about how much fun we have and everything that happens, but yes, there may have been a deal! ”

Lindy Lynn

Vander may leave O Group to start his own venture.

Apart from another wedding on the horizon, Quinn seems to think that season 4 will be the most eventful so far. “The dynamics will change. You know Davin [Potratz] is a broker, Brett [Oppenheim] has left mediation and set up his own company. I mean, there are a lot of chess pieces waiting to be moved to the board, so I think this is going to be the most interesting season we’ll ever have if it happens. ” she said And.

What she’s not saying – but may hint at – is the possible departure of Vander, who moved to Miami during the coronavirus pandemic. Vander said And it is already a permanent florida and is unlikely to appear regularly Sunset for sale from here on.

“My goal is to stay in Miami, unless I have a client who is worth flying for a day or two to do shows and things like that.” she said in front of the outlet. “I’m trying to stay in Miami, that’s the goal.”

Keep your eyes peeled for a spin-off (or two).

Even with the news of her departure, Vander may not be gone forever. In Season 3, she proposed the concept of a spin-off show in Miami, inventing it South Beach for sale.

“This is a huge investment” she said And. “I’m studying for my brokerage license, so if I’m with Jason or another company or my own thing here, we’ll see. South Beach for sale it would be a great idea and I already have girls – a cute, little real estate agency – but I don’t know if they can provide drama as much as our show.

And Jason doesn’t seem to have the idea. He said And“I mean, there’s no better for it. The woman, I trust her. She’s been at this brokerage since she opened it. She is really experienced and, again, I have a lot of trust and respect for her, so she will be the woman for that. ”

But Vander may not be the only agent shooting for his own show. Quinn soon he said Vogue it is on the market for a larger platform. “A spin-off solo show would be a great idea,” she said. “I’m so tired of sharing screen time with these five other bitches,” I finished. Give me my own show now! ”

Don’t expect much (if any) of Jason vs. Brett drama in Season 4.

Ever since Quinn said Glamour United Kingdom that Brett Oppenheim left the brokerage firm to start his own, she fueled speculation that season 4 would focus heavily on agent warfare. She explained: “The girls are fed up with favoring Mary in the office. We don’t know who will move where, “she added will leave O Group if the alleged favorite between Jason and Fitzgerald continues.

But Jason dismissed any such rumors. He said And“The press is definitely happy with the idea, which I think is this [Brett’s] the license is suspended independently, but we are still working together. He does not start a new brokerage and does not hire agents and compete. This is not really happening and we are still working together. We can get into – frankly, it’s more semantic to the point of being boring. I don’t think we’ll cover it, so who knows? ”

The cast has been busy since we last saw them.

While in quarantine, Smith appears to have started her own interior design business, Vander he had a baby, and Strauss was on Dancing with the stars. They will probably have some juicy stories to tell the next time we see them.

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