Ladder is funding $ 6.5 million to facilitate fitness planning for busy professionals

Ladder, an Austin-based fitness startup, has closed a $ 6.5 million round of funding to facilitate access to customized strength training programs for millennial busy professionals.

The financing round was led by LivWell Ventures with the participation of Keller Capital; Brett Hurt, former co-founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice; Danny Amendola, NFL wide receiver; and Bill Shufel, co-founder and CEO of Athletic Brewing. The capital will accelerate the development of Ladder’s new programs and its R&D, procurement and marketing efforts. Doss Cunningham, founder of Livwell Ventures, mentioned the company’s involvement in:

“The ladder fits perfectly with our investment theme with challenging industry standards. They have shown that the key to fitness consistency and continuous progress is not just having an expert coach and a plan, but also the relationships and social experiences we create by working together.”

Ladder was created with the mission of providing a platform for progressive fitness programs to easily plan and maintain for fitness enthusiasts. The startup app achieves this by providing learning resources created by expert coaches, providing community support and comprehensive strength training programs. Greg Stewart, Ladder’s CEO, said:

“Ladder gives our members everything they need to achieve effective strength training to achieve their fitness goals. Before Ladder, they were struggling to plan their workout programs. As busy professionals combine careers and demanding families, it’s time to plan daily workouts. or lacked skills.Instead of settling for random online content or cardio-based applications that offer a workout buffet without a real track record, they were losing motivation, seeing no results, and wasting precious time.

As the COVID19 pandemic disrupted the fitness habits of billions of people around the world, Ladder experienced rapid growth because users realized they could use the app with minimal equipment to maintain a routine at home. By providing a personal experience similar to that of a personal trainer, through ear and time / rhythm training, the startup aims to become a major player. fitness industry, all while helping to maintain the healthy habits of millions of individuals.

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