Logitech Introduces New Colorful Pop Keys Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re shopping for a new piano and you want something a little smaller than the regular keyboard that comes with your computer, you might be happy to know that Logitech has released a new piano in the form of Logitech Pop Keys .

As you can see in the image above, this colorful keyboard will be available in a variety of bright pastel colors. This also a piano piano which means you should expect it to be more usable compared to conventional membrane keyboards, with wireless if you value wired connectivity, to mark a lot of boxes.

Pop Keys also seems to be inspired by keystrokes. Logitech isn’t the first to use such a design, but if you like these types of designs then it’s something else to consider. However, we have tried this with keyboards before and found that it is quite difficult to print, maybe you can try it in a store but you didn’t decide if it was for you.

Logitech also sets the piano to specialize, which allows you to add some emojis to the side of the piano to prove it to your own liking. That said, it’s not cheap at $ 99.99, but if you like it, go up to the Logitech website for information.

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