Struum has raised $ 7 million to return video streaming to its roots

Struum, a Los Angeles-based entertainment startup, has raised $ 7 million to continue to combine video streaming services and make entertainment more accessible to users.

The Series A funding round, led by Corus Entertainment with the participation of Gaingelsen, will allow Struum to expand its content library, improve its technological infrastructure and expand globally. Doug Murphy, president and CEO of Corus Entertainment, mentioned the company’s involvement:

“Struum is at the forefront of innovation with a unique credit-based subscription service backed by an excellent team of senior executives with extensive experience in video and content subscription. as an exclusive partner “.

Struum was founded in 2020 by Disney and Discovery senior executives Lauren DeVillier, Eugene Liew, Paul Pastor and Thomas Wadsworth. Startup aims to become a global entertainment site, bringing multiple streaming services to a single platform.

With a monthly subscription of $ 4.99, the platform offers more than 60 shows and movies. As a result, users will no longer have to deal with multiple platforms and subscriptions to access limited catalogs. Paul Pastor, CBO of Struum, said in this regard:

“Our main mission with Struum is to help content owners discover their content and help viewers find great content. The investment of Corus, Gaingels and our other investors will play a key role in building more of a global user experience, overcoming our role and in the streaming industry. to establish itself as the main agent “.

According to Allied Market Research, The global video streaming market is expected to reach more than $ 149 billion by 2026. As more people use subscription-based services, the model has become dominant in the industry, despite the growing inconvenience it represents for users. Since most major media companies choose to launch services based on their demand, users are forced to subscribe to various services to access their favorite content.

The need to subscribe several times video streaming services in addition to increasing costs, it causes uncertainty about which applications, low-quality content, ads, and which service will offer your favorite service. By combining these services, Struum aims to regain the main advantage that made streaming attractive to consumers: simplicity and accessibility.

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