The Chinese car giant has released a new electric truck that rivals Tesla’s Semi

Farizon Auto, the Geely Holding Group’s commercial vehicle brand, unveiled its next-generation electric semi-truck, Homtruck, according to a press release.

And as many carmakers want to introduce new technologies to the commercial vehicle industry, the Chinese car giant expects to begin production and deliveries in early 2024 and is targeting international markets such as Europe, Korea, Japan and North America.

Meet Homtruck

Named after its creators’ initial quest to make a semi-truck feel at home, Homtruck will offer a variety of power options, including methanol hybrid and pure electric, and Farizon added that Homtruck batteries can be swapped, reducing the need for from charging.

Source: Geely

When viewed from the inside, the truck is designed to “meet the vital and emotional needs of its drivers”, as semi-truck drivers often do not spend more time in their vehicles than in their homes. The spacious interior includes a shower and toilet, a single bed, a refrigerator, a kitchenette and a small washing machine to provide maximum comfort to the driver while satisfying their vital needs.

The Chinese car giant has released a new electric truck that rivals Tesla's Semi
Source: Geely

And perhaps most importantly, Homtruck is designed with autonomous driving in mind, and according to Geely, it will be able to use semi-autonomous functions without a driver. During longer journeys, thanks to Homtruck’s advanced “brain”, trucks will be able to communicate with each other to maintain safe speed and distance, as well as use vehicle sensors to analyze real-time traffic data. time and provide route suggestions.

Division chief executive Mike Fenn told CNBC in an interview Monday that Geely intends to introduce three-phase autonomous driving, aiming to have some partial driverless functions by 2023. More modern systems will follow in 2026 and as part of its grand plan, Geely wants to achieve full autonomy in 2030.

The Chinese car giant has released a new electric truck that rivals Tesla's Semi
Source: Geely

Geely’s Homtruck isn’t the first on the market, and it certainly won’t be the last. The unveiling comes after a number of other carmakers, ranging from Daimler to Warren Buffett-backed BYD, who have announced their own electric trucks, and Tesla has been in the game for some time.

After announcing its own truck called the Semi in 2017, Elon Musk’s company delayed production for some time, with a recent announcement that truck deliveries to customers have been delayed until 2023 due to supply chain problems and limited availability. of battery cells. Tesla has a long list of companies waiting in line, including PepsiCo, which is one of Tesla Semi’s biggest buyers. Ramon Laguarta, CEO of the company, recently stated that they hope to get the first all-electric Class 8 trucks by the end of the year, and with so many companies stepping up their game, we can expect to see more electric trucks on the roads.

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