The way to distribute carbon-free foods in Brazil

People around the world may eventually “wake up” (wake up), use light vehicles like bicycles and scooters, especially electric ones, which is a very good idea for replacing cars on the planet.

Also in 2019, before the pandemic, there were 136 million trips in the U.S. alone using alternative micromobility (60% more from 2018) – and in that period, about 35% of car trips are less than two miles, according to NACTO. As cities around the world are experimenting with “slow streets” (no cars), widening bike lanes, etc., Brazil is the first country to expand a large commercial food delivery system that has become essential since the spring of 2020. iFood and Tembici launched this pilot program last October Covered by our friends at Fast Company.

Now, this electric bike program called “Pedal” is expanding from Brazil’s two largest cities to four other Brazilian capitals, where more than 2,500 shared electric bikes will be launched in six cities in early 2022. This makes it the largest organic food. -LatAm’s delivery system. It’s a similar one Just started operating in South Africa as well. Maybe this is an eco-trend worth seeing?

for iFood huge delivery In Latin America, ensuring that we all “feed the world” is without further harm to the atmosphere. The company is investing heavily in new approaches and partnerships to achieve shipment of carbon-free / zero plastic waste by 2025 through its massive food networks (60M + demand / month in 1,200+ Brazilian cities alone). Here’s more.

If people spend $ 70 dollars a week on food shipments, a sector that has grown worldwide … its carbon footprint the vertices are 450% larger, according to a UK study published in March.

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