Twitter Blue is now available in the US

Earlier this year, Twitter announced its new service mention Twitter Blue. The service was previously launched in Australia and Canada, but the good news is if you like what the show has to offer before you live in one of those two countries, it looks like Twitter Blue is available in the United States and New Zealand, bringing the total number of sponsoring countries to four.

Priced at $ 2.99 a month, according to Twitter, “Continuing our commitment to encourage and support advertisers and free advertising, a portion of the revenue from Twitter Blue’s subscription fees goes directly to advertisers in our network. our goal is to help each advertising partner get 50% more per person than what they do from serving ads to that person. ”

For those unfamiliar, Twitter Blue is a sharing service from Twitter that offers users additional benefits and features not available to free users. This includes removing ads, being able to categorize their ads for a more personalized experience, as well as the ability to tweet tweets.

This gives users a small window after a tweet is published that they can remember without being seen by other users. This is in contrast to the usual deletion of tweets that may have been seen by some people and windows before being taken down. These are just some of the many benefits of Twitter Blue, depending on how Twitter is used, it might be something you’d like to subscribe to.

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