What slang do you use?


When we first met, Alex was forever preparing for dinner. (A da great first.) I called out in the hallway, “Hurry up, baby!” His answer? “I’ll be in two shakes.”

Like here, shake two of the BILD’S TAILS.

For the next few months, he continued to throw speeches. If someone was talkative, they would say “they shake the gums”. If he had a light conversation, he would tell me, “We had a chinchilla.” At one point, we were walking late, and he said, “We have to hit the cheeks,” which made me laugh forever.

We learn a lot of slang in childhood, right? After growing up in Michigan, I use a bunch of words in the midwest: salty instead of raw, stern instead of soda. And our British friend, who was planning a dinner, was suddenly worried that he would run out of food. Some close friends approached him and said, “FHB.” We were confused, so he explained, “hold on to the family,” which means we should keep filling the plates until the guests are full enough.

Meanwhile, these days, an eight-year-old child Anton it basically speaks another language. He uses so much new slang, including “sus” (everything it’s up now) and “flex” (“my friends were flexing around their jewelry”) to continue working on.

Now, I’m curious: what slang do you use? Or ridiculous expressions? Where did you grow up? Please share below …

PS English words that should exist, and new words in my favorite dictionary.

(Photo by Ali Lanenga / Stocksy.)

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