Your iPhone’s Retail Price has dropped

If you want to trade-in your iPhone for something new, especially if you plan to use Apple’s trade-in service, be prepared to cut back on what you expected. That’s because MacRumors sees that Apple seems to be there reduce trading costs for his iPhones on board.

How much will vary will vary from model to model, but reserved for the iPhone X, all models have reduced their retail costs. For example the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The original price was up to $ 790, but now it costs only $ 700. The $ 90 discount is quite a lot, but as we said, it varies from phone to phone.

For example, the second-gen iPhone SE costs $ 170 but is now only $ 160, so the difference is only $ 10, but therefore, we think the phones are it didn’t work much to begin with looking small. change in price compared to Apple’s newer and more expensive models.

Keep in mind that these are the highest prices you can get for phones. How much you get will also depend on other factors such as the condition of your phone, so you can end up with a lower than higher price if you trade-in. knocking out an old iPhone with one that is still in good condition. .

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