15 examples of great accents that are so chic

When it comes to changing my hairstyle, I can be ashamed. I actually had the same hairstyle (long,, bleached,, centrally separated) for nearly 10 years. And what’s really funny is that despite the fact that my hair looked the same all the time, the techniques I ask the hairdresser about have changed dramatically over the years. First I asked for ombre, then scanningand now it tends to be something like “baby lights, but kind of balalaika and don’t forget the root stretch, please?” Yes, navigation in the world of hair colour can be quite a minefield. And honestly, I’m a little tired of the same old, same old.

Fortunately, there is a new trend for hair coloring in the block and it will spice things up a bit. That’s right – this is the wild accent of the 90’s. But before you start experiencing flashbacks of orange zebra-like stripes, with the kind assistance of your loved one paint box, Do not be afraid. This time the big accent has undergone a little transformation. Combining the original concept with other techniques such as balalaika, baby lights or face framing, the modest lush accent returns – and I love it to some extent.

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