3 Ways to Fix PUBG New State Crash Issue on Android

PUBG New State, one of the most awaited and awaited games has been officially announced by Krafton. This game has gained a lot of popularity among current PUBG players because it offers improved and rich PC-like graphics on mobile devices. However, some Android users faced problems and crashes while launching the game. In this article, you will learn 3 ways to upgrade PUBG New State hard drive on the hard drive on an Android phone. You can compare new features of the game with features of PUBG Mobile.

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Fix the PUBG New State Crash Issue on Launch on Android

Please note if any come rooted Android devices, you seem to have a useful problem in promoting the game. You will need to hide or manually root your phone.

Clear the Cache of the PUBG New State Game

The simplest solution to fix this bug on this newly launched game is to clear its cache. Cache files are usually stored while uploading files online. Follow these simple steps to fix this problem.

  • Open the Editor App on your device.
  • Tap on it Apps and choose Manage Apps.
  • Search and Search PUBG New State and open.
  • Tap on it Teuina.
  • Clear the device by clicking on clear statement choice.

Stop Options Build and Restart your device

We’ve noticed that PUBG’s New state android game drops quickly on launch if you’ve enabled developer options on your device. To prevent this from happening and playing the game, you need to manually click the Developer option on your phone. Follow these simple steps for a quick upgrade.

  • Open the Editor app on your device.
  • Swipe up to search Construction Options below Added Added.
  • Open Construction Options.
  • Erase it Developer option to turn off manually.
  • Restart your Toolbar by long pressing the Power button and selecting Restart from the Power Menu.

Hide your root permissions on Rooted Android Devices

If you are using a rooted Android device, you will be more likely to face some trouble while launching the PUBG New State game app. This is done to prevent players from entering the game using three-part root access. However, if you still want to play on your rooted device, then follow these simple steps for the same.

  • Open Magnetic Control to your root device.
  • Look to the Editor and you can Do the Magic.
  • Tap on it Natia the Swearing App.
  • Hide your Root access to be accessed by other 3rd party apps like Is it freezing?.
  • Open Airfrozen app and hide the Magisk App.


In this article, you have learned 3 ways to fix the PUBG New State crash issue on a mobile phone. If this article helped you resolve the issue, then click the Like button and share this with your friends to help them as well. As always, stay tuned for more useful stories like this one.

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