8 items from Megan Markle’s wardrobe that she wears all the time

I would not consider myself obsessed with the kingdom (the only season of The crown I was looking at Princess Diana), but something in their style always intrigued me. From her Costumes and Tig’s days, I’m a fan of Megan Markle and I still like to keep up with her current look. It always looks perfectly raised and assembled. Examples include her Givenchy wedding dress and the street style she has been wearing since she left her royal title. As I watched her appearance, I noticed that there were a few basic pieces she often relied on as part of her style. As a person who certainly has access to a great variety in terms of clothing choices, she allows her personal style to shine by adhering to a selection of styles that she knows and loves.

Below you will find the eight trends (and classics) that will almost always be included in Megan Markle’s ensemble. With pumps with sharp fingers and fitted coats, she never leaks. Keep scrolling for more.

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