A charming 276-foot superyacht concept is an empty sight for sore eyes

Unconventional designer Pierpaolo Lazarini is in it again.

Maybe you remember Lazzarini Design Studio from their previous stunning superyacht designs. Like the time the company revealed superyacht in the shape of a swan, or his amphibious solar-powered catamaran, complete with all the jazz accessories for a super yacht

Now the designer has revealed new concept superyacht which has a giant hole in the middle. But this is not the first time the company has done so. The new 276-foot (85 m) concept superyacht “Icaria” was originally inspired by tearlier he revealed a perforated model named “The Shape” the company shared only last month.

Source: Lazarini design

And as with The Shape, the 49-foot (15 m) open main deck of Lazzarini Design’s Icaria concept or “hole” can be equipped with different styles of furniture according to the owner’s taste. In his images, Lazarini left the hole untouched to emphasize the views that the space offers.

A charming 276-foot superyacht concept is a
Source: Lazarini design

Icaria is designed for exploration and has a landing place for not one but two helicopters, in addition to a fully loaded auction garage, which is easily accessible with two folding side doors. At its rear, Icaria offers a gorgeous beach club with a massive swimming platform and two cranes that descend to sea level, along with a place for sun loungers that promise more fun at sea.

A charming 276-foot superyacht concept is a
Source: Lazarini design

There is a large glass bridge at the front of Ikaria. This allows the owner or captain of the yacht to sail the seas with complete protection from water or weather conditions, while providing a wide view of the ocean.

The upper deck of the yacht is where the helicopters are and they can easily accommodate two helicopters at once. Access to and from the yacht is facilitated by both helicopters and auctions.

Although we have information about the fuel for its predecessor The Shape, the studio has not yet revealed more information about Icaria. But with more futuristic concepts unveiled each year, Lazzarini is expected to turn some of his radical designs into reality.

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