A new robot can paint a colossal wall with a million spots

Have you ever looked at the wall of your bedroom and thought it would look much better with a massive picture on it? But do you feel too lazy to take on the time-consuming task of removing paints and brushes? In this video channel on YouTube Things made hereShane Whiteon explains how he had the same thought. And as all engineers would do, he decided to spend months building a robot to paint the wall and as many other walls as he liked, instead of spending a few days actually painting.

The engineer is already known for his many interesting projects ranging from attaching a chainsaw to the end of a robotic arm to carve a sculpture of build a robot barber to cut your hair with scissors, so you can definitely say that this project is right in his alley. He states that the project will be incredibly challenging, but still delves into it, so if you want to see how he succeeded in the project, be sure to watch the video embedded above and, as always, enjoy!

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