Alexandra Ship talks about the 90s, fashion and teak, teak … Boom!

For those who are not yet familiar with Ship’s work, I will say it simply: It is a triple threat. Spike can sing, play, and dancing, but before that role Ship had no formal dance training. In fact, Ship began a rigorous training regimen months before stepping on the set. “I worked so hard to be able to play a modern ballerina because I’m not a dancer,” she said. “They didn’t make me do any of this training. I wanted to do it because I wanted to do it right. I wanted to be able to sell it. ”By the time Ship arrived in New York for the photos, she was dancing for about six hours a day in addition to her daily two-hour workouts to achieve the dancer’s physique.

It is this thoughtful immersion in her characters that makes Ship’s performances really to the next level. “My favorite thing about acting is that I’m learning a lot of new skills,” she explains. For example with Storm from X-man, it was a battle – everything from mixed martial arts and boxing to skinny street fighting techniques. C Tick, tick … Boom!Spike learned not only how to be a dancer, but also how to behave. “I had to feel comfortable with my body in a more fluid and delicate, angelic way,” she explains. I can’t help but admit to Ship that I was deceived. After watching the movie, I was sure he had a dance education. Its performance is so natural. However, she admired Melissa Shade and Ryan Heffington for their direction and choreography for the film.

In addition to developing the physical strength needed to play Susan, Ship became a student of contemporary dance history, studying the work of choreographers such as Merce Cunningham, Catherine Dunham and Alvin Ailey. “I wasn’t familiar with modern dance in any way, form or form, so learning about the people who revolutionized dance in the ’80s and’ 90s was really fun,” she recalls. “It was like a master class, and also like a test tread.” This moment in our cultural analysis leads us to Miranda. While Larson was a student of Stephen Sondheim, Miranda in particular lent to Larson Rent as the main “AHA!“Lynn is great at showing the physicality of the theater,” says Ship. they lack theater. ”

Since she is multiple, Ship is not surprisingly always a fan of musicals. However, she is the only actor in Tick, tick … Boom! who has not yet appeared on the Broadway stage. While this was certainly a motivation for her self-imposed dance immersion, Ship was particularly nervous about performing her song, a duet with Vanessa Hudgens, who comes in the middle of the film. Although most of the show includes contemporary rock (and Broadway’s most incredible classical ballad), Ship’s song is undoubtedly influenced by the 90’s R&B, which she attributes to Miranda, and evokes great vibes on Aaliyah. This is also a scene in which Ship feels encouraged to bring elements of his personal experience to the character. “It was exciting for me to take a place that was originally written for a white woman because it challenged me to come on stage or sing with my own energy based on my own background,” she explains.

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