Forget Uber and Lyft. Meet the “Tank-Taxi” with real armor

In a world where driving is as easy as touching your smartphone screen, you need something really “heavy” to break the monotony. Merlin Bachelor, a resident of Norwich, UK, made this remarkable with his “tanker taxi“For about $ 1,000 a trip, you can rent it for a special occasion.

We usually present you with strange stories in which people have created something from the old. Like truck upgraded with a jet engine and capable of speeds in excess of 350 miles per hour. In this case, however, it is simply the ingenuity of the idea. You own a tank, you parade with it and others definitely want to ride. You have created a sideways movement.

Before we go any further, it’s not really a tank. Remember the 84-year-old who was fined $ 300,000 for owning one? Yes, owning a tank can really get you in trouble.

What Batchelor has is an armored personnel carrier (APC). This is a heavy-duty vehicle designed to be used in combat areas to transport people and goods. But you really can’t use it in battle. He does not have the necessary firepower to take the big wigs on the battlefield. Look mom, no guns! But Bachelor prefers to call it a “tank” simply because it sounds good.

Although his name is Merlin, he is not a magician. Like you and me, he buys things online and even has an APC there. Even ours the eight-year-old above had bought his tank in the UK, if you remember. Who needs the dark network when you have the UK?

Apparently Norwich is open to tracking vehicles moving on the streets, Forbes reported. So when Batcheler took his tank for walks around town, people wanted to jump for a ride. The vehicle could not travel more than 20 miles per hour and was also quite noisy, but that did not stop them from asking to be transported by ferry and a “tanker” was born.

Bachelor painted the exterior of his 15-ton ride and redesigned the interior to fit a flat-screen TV. In the end, he spent more than $ 35,000, according to that Report on CBS. He started offering his fees for about $ 830 for the first hour and $ 275 for each hour after that, and people were on fire. His neighbor hired him for the wedding, and Bachelor secured a license to carry up to nine people in his special taxi and for funerals. This will certainly be an interesting funeral to attend.

He hopes his license can be extended to include proms and birthdays.

Birthday in the tank. You will allow your imagination to take power from here.

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