Hyundai has transformed its 1986 grandeur into an all-electric masterpiece

Hyundai debuts the restored and hypermodified 1986 electric Grandeur to a level of splendor that can make you surrender and declare it a masterpiece, according to initial report from DesignBoom.

Called the “restomod” variant, this is the latest in the carmaker’s legacy series, which includes a revision of its biggest hits and their electric drive, along with a new, “retro-futuristic” style to confirm the legacy of any vehicle, while giving the car a future-oriented design philosophy.

The front and left sides of the 1986 Grandeur Hyundai

The 1986 Hyundai Grandeur combines sustainable power with luxury surplus

Hyundai’s latest restomod retains the square profile from Grandeur’s old school from 1986, but the most distinctive exterior is the pair of “pixel” LED headlights and taillights, which serve as a conceptual “echo” of the square theme of the main body.

1986 Grandeur rear grille
Pixel-inspired taillights that reflect the square frame of the car. Source: Hyundai

Additional new features include flat wheel covers and a chrome grille and upholstery, according to the report.

1986 Grandeur flat wheels
The 1986 Grandeur electrical repair has flat tires. Source: Hyundai

The interior has been completely renovated. A widescreen display and sound bar with a portrait control panel are installed to place multimedia, air conditioning and driving functions in one area. The design team claims that its 18-speaker sound system could generate the full range of “acoustic theory similar to that of a concert hall,” according to the report.

1986 Grandeur Interior
Bordeaux interior, with silver metal and glossy accents. Source: Hyundai

The interior is also upholstered in red velvet lining and upholstery that combines Nappa leather with bright burgundy, in addition to silver metal complete with black glossy accents. Of course, this is a luxury vehicle with unusual features such as a watch storage slot, a group of interior “infinite mirrors” on the roof, a gas speed selector and even a virtual piano, developed in collaboration with the brand of musical instruments Samik. It feels as a Daft Punk concert inside.

It can be argued that the creation of an electric luxury car is a contradiction in terms of sustainability, supply chain problemsand the global crisis. But it is not impossible to build on the stylistic expression of recent decades without a surplus of fossil fuels. And the ability to dream big while adhering to a more sustainable design philosophy is the only way anyone will find climate-friendly engineering attractive. In other words, Hyundai’s refurbished 1986 Grandeur accidentally challenges what is probably the core value of our time, the mixing paradox. sustainable engineering under the guise of luxury surplus.

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