Keychron Announces Their First Issue

Keychron is a company that is probably best known for them cheap wire machine keyboards, but the company seems to have decided to expand their offerings to other computing devices by launching their first computing mouse – the Keychron M1 Ultra -Light Optical Mouse.

The mouse has a 16,000 DPI sensor which is higher than your average mouse and ranks among the other gaming mice on the market. It is also sold as a clean rat, weighing only 68 grams, with a sale sample. It appears to be using a pu-y type pattern which is an example we see in mice today that is designed to provide better breath for longer periods of use.

The mouse itself comes with side -by -side buttons that can be installed for additional functions and macros for while users are playing, and it also has an RGB flashlight that can be installed on different windows. five were pre -installed. if that’s your kind of jam.

The Keychron M1 comes in white and black and costs $ 39, which is definitely a great deal for its specifications and looks. There is no record of availability, but users can put back their email addresses and be notified when the mouse is available for sale.

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