The kid Cuddy wore a wedding dress for his latest tribute to Kurt Cobain

When Kid Cudy posed for photos at the CFDA fashion awards last night in a custom-made wedding dress, he stood hand in hand with her designer, Eli Russell Linz of ERL, fingers with lace gloves intertwined, both dressed American Gothic expressions. On the red carpet, Linz lifted Cuddy’s veil.

“Be yourself, be free, darling, yes,” Cuddy said said in a small microphone, with a smile; he had combined the dress with a white tuxedo jacket, crystal-covered sneakers, a rough eyeliner, an icy Black Jesus pendant, and pink hair with a manic panic. This morning he tweets a picture of Kurt Cobain stealing in a white dress wearing his own shiny necklace.

This is not even the first time that Cudi wears a dress in honor of Cobain in the last year …he wore custom floral skirt dress designed by Virgil Ablo of Off-White during a performance of Saturday night live back in June. “For me, this is personal empowerment in spite of every social norm,” Ablo said GQ at the time, “This is fiercely confident. This is Kudi knocking on your TV screen and saying, “Hey! Be yourself. ”Sounds familiar!

For his part, Linnetz – who was nominated for American Emerging Designer of the Year last night for his work at ERL, is a glowing white, Venice-based brand approved by people like Kanye West and Justin Bieber– creates the habit of wrapping famous men in fabric, giving them a feeling of play and softness, which men’s clothing has been missing for quite some time. (Linnetz also got a huge quilt that A $ AP Rocky wore as a cloak at the Met Gala– a dress that acquires a sexy quality, given how Rocky and his girlfriend Rihanna, also wrapped in a duvet-like Balenciaga dress, arrived insanely late for the ceremony.) “Cudi’s ever-evolving style has such a cultural significance for me. about me. “It expresses the way I look at the world of ERL, which in itself is the embodiment and celebration of America’s changing face,” Linz said in a statement. IN ease the celebration here is key. It’s about gender, about sex! – but not in one Now I tell you Chuck and Larry kind of way.

Besides, as Cuddy and Ablo repeated, it’s a matter of confidence. “The image of seeing Kurt Cobain in a dress was a lot of rock’n’roll for me,” Cudy told HBO Max’s The store: Continuous after his SNL appearance. “I want to be a destroyer, I want to fuck up nonsense. And that’s cool, because I also give kids confidence and tell them to be themselves and do what they want.

Cudi also writes about Lil Nas X, who also wore a wedding dress full of spiral tears his recent video “THATS WAT I WANT”., for TimeThe 100 most influential people problem: “Having a gay in hip-hop to do his job, to crush records – it’s huge for us and for the superiority of blacks. The way he’s not afraid to make people uncomfortable is so much rock’n’roll. ”

Basketball star and actor Dennis Rodman, dressed as a bride, at Rockefeller Center. Mitchell Gerber / Getty Images

We’ve come a long way since Dennis Rodman wore a full bridal image in 1996 (with a full face of Kevin Aucoin, a horse-drawn carriage and an entourage of women wearing a tuxedo), declaring that he was marrying himself. The identification of men wearing dresses and skirts is becoming more and more common benevolent move, not a cascade. Be free, darling.

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