Ubergizmo Discovery #4: ITS 2021 Top 3 Products

Ubergizmo was recently a media partner and one of the brand new judges for SMEs Innovative Technology Show 2021 or THE 2021. We will tell you which company we chose to be ours Position 3. In the photo above, I expressed my interest in the nominees.

The ITS 2021 physical object was made in SETEC, a trade show and exhibition space it stands on the east side the Gangnam district in Seoul.

Supported by Ministry of SMEs of Korea (Small and Medium Enterprises), the goal of which is to develop new products that can be successful globally. The year was marked by a “K-innovation company at the starting point of the grand revolution.”

With about 200 products on display, the judges conducted the first round of selection. Then we were asked choose three out of eleven related to Global Marketability, Innovation, and Competitiveness guidelines.

Ubergizmo Discovery a platform that provides innovators around the world in partnerships with technology, incubators, accelerators, and local broadcasters.

#1 GFI Co., LTD

This company smart fire extinguisher our favorite product is the ITS 2021. It’s more of a product -based product than an electronic one, but check this out: it’s a leather and stable, on -surface operating temperature, the will be opened. a fire extinguisher call KF-5-1-12.

The assembly is stable and the user can cut it into different shapes, and then glue it on anywhere. About as thick as the second ribbon. So it can be placed anywhere and even inside electrical fences. The same material is also available as a rope (para) that can be wrapped or hung.

It seems to be more useful in enclosed spaces, such as electrical panels, cabinets, safes, and so on. As much as it is, heaven is the limit. Not only was it our best choice, but also the biggest win of the show.

#2 Rope, Inc.

Rope Inc‘s Tony to ignite the product with the car’s cigarette. There is a machine that can detect in the event of a traffic accident and call the emergency services as soon as possible. GPS coordinator via the driver’s smartphone. The aim is to speed up an arrival at the hospital, well within golden hour.

In addition, the device can also check the driver’s performance on a daily basis, and some insurance companies find Baton’s “good driver” to guarantee a discount. Even the government will provide benefits like parking lot to good drivers.

Fortunately, accidents are rare, so Baton also helps with minor accidents by helping the user quickly connect with car insurance.

#3 VPIX Medical Inc.

Of the VPIX EndoPix microscope could be the best way for surgeons to examine cancer cells during oncology surgeries by in-vivo imaging, without a biopsy. A timely examination will determine whether or not the part is swollen and whether it should be removed. Another is to send the sample to the laboratory and wait for the results to come back. At that point, the patient remains under the disease.

The longer they wait and the risk of surgery, the longer it takes to recover. For that reason, it is best to get tested as soon as possible to make the surgery more effective and reduce complications for the patient.

To date, the first experiment is in progress and another experiment is underway based on the four medical notes. The next issue should be ready “by the end of this year” for further testing. (video interview: VPIX on the ITS2021 display floor)


We’ve added ITS to the list of stores we’d like to visit at some point, but the special option provided a good overview of what it’s all about. It wasn’t always easy to decide which product was newer, but we thought these three were amazing.

The actual websites and video links are listed below. Korean speakers can also check out the new ITS Youtube channel. At ITS 2021, all nominees gathered in a small room to facilitate their discussions. Aving media in which each company was asked to be shown in front of a camera.

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