Valve’s launch to 2022 is late

Earlier this year, Valve unveiled their new gaming equipment in the case of the Steam Deck. The device was expected to launch in December 2021, but now according to Valve’s blog post, the comfort company has announced that it will be late now and expects to arrive in early 2022.

Valve said, “The launch of Steam Deck will be postponed to two months. We’re sorry about this — we’ve done the best we can to address global supply issues, but because of lack of materials, parts are not reaching our factories by the time we meet our first launch dates.Based on our update of the build price, the Steam Deck will launch sold to customers February 2022.

The company has noted that those who have reserved their seats on the line will also be pushed back accordingly. They will maintain their position in the lineup, but the dates will also change to two months.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Steam Deck is an immersive gaming machine by Valve. The user will be able to play games from the user’s Steam library, but with manual installation it means players can bring their PC games with them on the go. The console costs $ 399 which is expensive when you consider other consoles like the Nintendo Switch, but it might be worth checking out, especially if you’ve amassed a large library of Steam games over the years. .

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