[Working] 5 Ways to Fix ‘No Sim Card Detected’ Error on Android

You may often get a ‘No Sim Card Detected’ error while using your Android device. This error is very annoying because no one is used to making any calls or text messages. In this article, you will learn 5 ways to repair when a sim card is not detected in your Android device. Also, you can learn fix problems by installing them quickly on your Android phone.

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How to Fix Sim Card Not Available on Android

Restart your smartphone

If you bought a new sim card and replaced the old one that is in your device, then your device needs a restart to properly detect and install the new sim. Follow these simple steps to restart your Android smartphone.

  • Press and hold the power button on your device until you see the Power Menu.
  • Tap on it Repeat/ Restart to restart your device.

Clean and Adjust the Sim Card

Sometimes dirt and dust builds up on the gold side of the sim card or improper placement of the sim in the socket causes cramps. problem for the device in reading the sim card. To make sure the sim in the cabinet is working properly, remove the sim tray and clear the gold side of the sim card. Also, make sure that the sim is properly inserted into the socket with no gaps.

Remove/ Reinsert Sim and Find Your Sim Card Usu

If your device shows no wrong sim card, the existing sim card or the existing sim card in your device may be damaged. You can check if your sim card is working or not by following these simple steps.

  • Open the Sim Card Holder tray using the sim ejector pin.
  • Remove your existing SIM card.
  • Take another SIM card and place it in the SIM card holder.
  • Close the tray and check if the sim is working on your phone.
  • If the other sim works, may indicate a problem with your previous sim card.
  • If the other sim card does not work, could be interpreted as a problem with your sim card maker.

Search the Aircraft/Flight

Sometimes a problem or a problem in accessing the mobile phone can result in the absence of a faulty sim card. To improve this, Airplane/flight mode can be very helpful. The click on will block and block all ads and receiving cells. Follow these steps to do the same.

  • Open the Display Panel on your device b swiping i especially from above.
  • Expand the Notice Table with Keys Flight/Flight Mode.
  • Turn it off again turns off the Air/Flight System so that the device can and reconfigure the access to mobile communication.

Reset Your Connection

An existing package or backup file can disrupt the connection to your device. It may sometimes result in the fact that there is no wrong sim card in your phone. To fix this you will need to reset your communications manually. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

  • Open the Editor app on your Android phone.
  • At the test bar, lead Reset and click on Search.
  • Search Reset Mobile Communication from research results and openings.
  • Tap on it Reset System it removes all existing network links and sets the new one.


In this article, you have learned 5 ways to solve and fix the “No SIM card known” error on your Android smartphone. If this article helped you improve this issue, then click the Like button and share it with your friends. Also, stay tuned for more troubleshooting tips like this one.

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