YouTube will hide the amount of frustration for All Videos

While the frustration over a YouTube video may not seem like much, it is actually a good measure of the popularity and usefulness of a video in some respects. For example, if someone submits a recommendation or tutorial on YouTube and the number of dislikes is greater than the number of likes, it can be used as a measure of quality or the usefulness of the video.

However, sometimes this feature can be tampered with by trolls and interfered with making a video they don’t like, which is why earlier this year, YouTube started looking for a change. . which they publicly hide the shelf frustration over the videos. The company seems to be happy with the way the test went because they are broadcasting it on all the videos.

According to YouTube, “Based on what we’ve learned, we’re secretly reading the frustration on YouTube, but the frustration doesn’t go away. This transition will begin gradually today. “ YouTube says the creators will still be able to see the frustration with YouTube Studio, but publicly, these figures will be hidden.

The company adds, “We heard during the demonstration that some of you used public interest reading to help decide whether or not to watch a video. We know you may not agree with this choice, but we believe this is the right thing to do for the situation.

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