An engineer was accidentally hired by NASA

Life is full of surprises. You never know what will be shot next. This could be another rejection for the dream job you applied for, or maybe a job in an organization you were never meant to work for. This is the story of David Miller, who spent eight years at NASA working on space travel and planning robotic operations on the International Space Station, but has never been interviewed for work.

It all happened just months after Miller graduated from the University of Washington. As a mechanical engineer, Miller hoped to secure a entry-level position at Boeing to make wiring harnesses for the magnificent 787. He contacted the position recruiter, who would interview him for the position. The tenant also warned him of a similar position in Manipulator team, graphics for analysis and interactive kinematics (MAGIK). Miller, who was unaware of what MAGIK was doing, asked for more details about the work during the interview in person.

NASA’s MAGIK team is determining the feasibility of robotics ISS operations and prepares the necessary basis for this. Miller attended only one interview and received a job offer a few weeks later. He moved to Texas and learned on the day of the orientation that he had been hired by NASA while working on documents.

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The whole story came to light thanks to a video in TikTok shares Miller’s girlfriend. The video has been viewed over nine million times so far and even a subsequent video has been published.

Fortunately, Miller was not a fish in the water at NASA. He had worked on typical space things that engineers do at university, such as building a student version of a satellite and experimenting in zero gravity. Therefore, he was able to fit exactly into his work and contribute to the ongoing work of the ISS. He was also part of the mission’s control of some spacewalk and docking, Miller said Buzzfeed.

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But how did Miller end up at NASA? He has a theory.

It turns out that the MAGIK team really had no people at the time and turned to Boeing, a longtime NASA contractor, for help. The recruiters at NASA and Boeing probably joined the same group of candidates, and Miller ended up at NASA. However, he was no exception; he had a colleague who had also been hired in a similar way just a week before his experience.

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So, if you are an engineer applying for a job, ask for an interview and say yes to the opportunities that lie ahead. You never know, this time they might even make you a spacesuit.

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