IPhone thieves have found a new way to unlock stolen devices

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, Apple allows users to lock it down. This means that a thief can’t get your phone or the manufacturer can delete it until they get your Apple ID information. Unfortunately, thieves seem to be smarter and have come up with new ways to trick people into opening their devices for them.

In a report India Today, tells the story of someone named Vedant who lost their iPhone 12. They made the usual practice of using “Find My” to find the device as well as lock it. After a few days, they thought everything was lost until they received an SMS saying the phone had been found and they had to click a link to reveal its location.

The link itself seems questionable to anyone who may know a little bit about how to use the system, but since it contains words like ” icloud ”and“ findmy ”, they almost looked right. Unfortunately for Vedant, they clicked the link and entered in their verified Apple ID, later receiving an email saying that the Apple ID had been used from another computer.

Realizing this was a trick, Vedant tried to change their password but then it was too late. The iPhone has been removed from the Apple ID account and “Find My” has been turned off. While it’s not a standard technical procedure, it does emphasize the importance of making sure the links you click on are correct.

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