iPhone X with USB-C retails for $ 86,001

If rumors are to be believed, Apple may get an iPhone in the future completely free from harbors. This means that Apple has the option to skip USB-C and go directly from the Battery in the absence of a port. Of course it remains to be seen if that will happen, but that hasn’t stopped engineer Ken Pillonel from creating its own iPhone with a USB-C port.

The modified iPhone X was placed on eBay for auction on the spot it reached $ 100,000. Now according to a report from Gizmodo, the sale for the phone is complete where the tender was won by $ 86,001. Apparently there were joke/troll bids as there were bids over $ 100,000 that were later canceled.

That means $ 86,001 is a lot of money and we’re not sure if the winner will be very willing to pay that much money, so there’s a chance it could fall. However, it’s a lot more fun and hard to pull out and not just remove the Lightning port and put it in the USB-C.

Pillonel said he had to replace Apple’s C94 connector engine and make it a custom motherboard, while changing the drive to make sure it fits USB-C’s smaller-size connector. That means a lot of work was awarded and maybe a price of $ 86,001 could be justified.

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