IPhones can hide things that might only be seen with special glasses

If you go out in public, such as sitting in a cafe or on a train and you’re using your phone, there’s always a chance that a busy person will catch a glimpse of what you’re doing. There is absolutely no way to prevent this from happening, although there are protective walls that can block the view from a corner, but it is not always perfect.

However, and patents Patently received Apple suggests that maybe in the future, one of the most popular Apple Glasses can be used as a privacy and security device, which will hide things from your iPhone unless you look at it in the glasses. .

According to the publication’s research, A key new feature discussed in this patent application includes “Privacy Eyewear.” In some embodiments, a user may interact with the classification of the graph in a blurry way. intentionally the graphical action displayed on the display of the device (iPhone) If the user wants privacy or power to a nearby user to see what is displayed on the display, the user can interact with the graphical sorting process the use of graphs. ”

It seems like a pretty cool thing to get, that Apple can pull off. Now, there are rumors that Apple’s mixed reality could be launched early next year, with Apple Glasses likely to be launched a few years later. We think that looks like this could be a forced purchase.

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