Surprise! Apple Car may actually look like this

As Apple remains silent about the Apple Car, another company has decided to bring us as close as possible to the official unveiling. Vanarama, a UK-based car leasing broker, has developed an incredibly detailed series of Apple Car images based on real Apple patents. report from Digital trends reveals.

Rumors about the Apple Car have been circulating for several years, although speculation reached new levels last year when reports emerged that the technology giant could produce its own electric vehicle (EV) until 2024. Earlier this year, announcing a partnership between carmaker Fisker and iPhone maker Foxconn poured fuel into the fire.

The new renderings present an Apple Car with a retro-futuristic coupe. Source: Vanarama

Vanarama has nothing to do with Apple, and its new renderings are essentially a publicity stunt that doesn’t really add anything specific to the pile of rumors. However, the fact that they take into account real patents gives them a touch of credibility, giving us a window into the possible appearance of the Apple Car. Patents, of course, probably don’t represent what any finished model would look like. Nevertheless, the details are temptingly detailed, and we can’t help but wonder how close they can be to shared images if and when an official revelation comes from Apple.

Surprise!  Apple Car may actually look like this
The minimalist body would be in line with Apple’s design ethos. Source: Vanarama

Imagine an Apple Car

The images show an electric car that follows the example of Tesla Cybertruck with its retro-futuristic sensitivity. It also seems to be taking signals from Hyundai Ioniq 5 with solar panel EV, which provides a modern twist to the company’s first production car, the 1974 Hyundai Pony. The exterior design is pure speculation by Vanarama, as it does not appear in any Apple patent.

Surprise!  Apple Car may actually look like this
The design of the back door of the bus is taken directly from Apple’s patent from 2019. Source: Vanarama

One feature that is taken from Apple’s patent from 2019, however, is the lack of a central column between the front and rear doors in the style of the bus. This type of design is usually not viable as it removes structural strength and collision protection. However, Apple’s patent describes in detail how it will add diagonal support sections to account for reduced stiffness.

Surprise!  Apple Car may actually look like this
Apple will probably use its smartphone technology in Apple Car. Source: Vanarama

The interior of this speculative Apple Car is not surprisingly with a large screen covering the entire dashboard with Siri integration. The earliest reports on Apple’s EV project, called Project Titan, date back to 2014. At the time, the reports highlighted ways Apple would transfer its smartphone and computing experience to the automotive market to create a vehicle with unparalleled infotainment. system and autonomous driving characteristics. In 2019, however, Apple released 200 employees working on Project Titan, and it is believed that now the focus may have changed.

We know surprisingly little about Apple Car, other than rumors of potential partnerships with carmakers. For now, these new renderings provide an enticing look at what an Apple Car might look like.

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