Targus has introduced the backpack and Apple’s Find My Tracking

Thanks to Apple’s AirTag, users who want to keep track of their bags will be able to do so by plugging the tracker into it. However, if you don’t want to spend extra money to buy an AirTag, Targus will probably find something for you.

The company has launched the Cypress Hero EcoSmart Backpack. It’s a laptop that actually comes with Apple’s Find My tracking integrated into it. This means right out of the box, users can check the computer without the need for accessories like AirTag.

They’ll be able to find it through Apple’s Find My network, and also be notified when their user leaves. Laptops up to 16-inches in size will be able to be installed through the plug-in computer, as well as a number of other pockets and pockets. storage of leftovers.

Also, for those who are concerned about the environment, the backpack is said to be made of recyclable materials equivalent to 26 plastic water bottles. The company hasn’t said how much the backpack will cost, but it will be announced in the spring of 2022 so we hope more details will be revealed.

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