The 75-foot ship will run almost entirely on green ammonia by 2022.

The green energy company Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is working with MMA Offshore to transform a 75-meter (246-foot) ship, the MMA Leveque, so that it can operate almost entirely on green ammonia by 2022. press release from FFI explains.

In the same statement, the company revealed that its chairman, billionaire Andrew Forest, called for pressure across the shipping industry to reach net zero by 2040 during a keynote speech on Transport Day at COP26 in Glasgow this week. at the UN summit aimed at accelerating action against climate change.

MMA Leveque is one of several Fortescue Metal Group vessels and vehicles that will be transformed to run on green fuels, as the company also says it is gradually working to transform its fleet of trucks, locomotives and ships. Earlier this year, the FFI successfully demonstrated the combustion of mixed ammonia fuel in a locomotive and said it would soon be able to supply trains with one hundred percent green ammonia.

Although ammonia has great potential as a green fuel, questions remain about its use globally. This week, for example, a UK airline, Reaction Engines, unveiled a concept for ammonia-powered aircraft. The company says sustainable fuel is 70 percent more powerful than liquid hydrogen, although dissenters say there are concerns that the use of ammonia-based combustion on a mass scale could contribute to smog conditions as well as acid rain. .

FFI wants to help the shipping industry “completely decarbonise”

Speaking at the COP26 conference, Forrest said that the FFI “provides the shipping industry with practical know-how for complete decarbonisation” and that the redesigned MMA Leveque “will show the shipping industry the power of a green ammonia-powered ship in reality – the world conditions. “

“We are investing heavily in research and development to transform our trains, trucks and ships on the road, rail and sea with zero-pollution fuels as soon as possible,” he continued.

The shipping industry receives slightly less attention than aviation when it comes to its impact on the environment. However, a report in 2019, claims that Swedish ships emit more greenhouse gases than local aviation. This year’s IPCC Climate Change Report further highlighted the fact that the world needs a multi-industrial drive to reverse the situation and avoid the worst effects of climate change. Following this report, several companies made renewed calls to reduce their environmental impact this year, including cargo giant Maersk, which recently announced aims to reduce its emissions by 60 percent by 2030.

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