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You get annoyed when you see photos posted on Twitter at first glance, you have to click on it to see the full photo? It’s not a big deal, but sometimes for good, some users may not want to click to see the whole thing, but because of the amount of preview, some parts can be cut out. the picture.

However, since then, Twitter has made changes to the comments on the mobile app where they have created large images so that users can see more before they click, and the good news for computer users seem to have brought a similar look on Twitter for the website. me too. According to a tweet from the Twitter Support account which they confirmed is now available for the website.

The tweet said that when users upload a photo and look inside the songwriter, that’s what it will look like on the website. It’s not the most dramatic change we’ve seen made on the platform, but one of those positive aspects is the quality of life that hopes to improve the experience for some users.

Meanwhile, Twitter recently announced the get his Twitter Blue subscription in the US, which for $ 2.99 a month, gives users features like the ability to delete tweets.

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