2 How to turn off the startup sound in Windows 11

The new launch of Windows 11 by Microsoft offers a lot of new features ranging from upgrading users to brand new sounds. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 brings some nice sound effects to the system. But, sometimes these voices can be annoying and disturbing in a quiet workplace. In this article, you will learn 2 ways to turn off startup sounds in Windows 11. In addition, you can learn to delete all data in Windows 11.

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How to Mute Startup in Windows 11

Mute startup using Windows Settings

Windows 11 offers you the ability to turn off startup noise on the boot by changing the Windows settings. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

  • Press the Windows key, search for Editor and open.

  • In the left navigation panel, click on it References.
  • Scroll down to the right to find it Main and open.

  • Click above Leo next to the Image System.

  • Remove the check Play Windows Startup Sounds.
  • Click above Application and Ok to save changes.

Use the System Builder to turn off the starting volume

Local System Editor is an administrative tool provided by Windows to help you configure it according to your needs. The information stored in this editor is provided as policies to the user. We can adjust these policies to turn off the starting noise on the shoe.

  • Open the Run Window by pressing Windows + R To gathering.
  • Open the Local System by tapping gpedit.msc to the test bar and hit Ulufale turn on.

  • In the editor, Search:

Computer Settings> Administrative Templates> System> Logon.

  • Double click on it Turn off the Windows Startup Sound the policy is open.

  • Select It is possible from options and click on it Application and OK to save changes.


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