2 How to Use Your Phone as Mouse and Keyboard for Android TV

If you use your smart TV remote to print something, you probably have an idea of ​​why it’s such a painful task. Most smart TV devices these days come without a piano and only a few buttons. Most of these TVs have remote voice control, but what if you enter a password, or when the app you are using does not support playing audio? ‘ useful? Well, in those shows, you can use your phone as a mouse and piano for Android TV. Read on to find out, how!

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Use your Phone as the Mouse and Keyboard for Android TV

Most smart TVs can use your phone’s keyboard as a way to access certain programs. One of the best apps out there is Google’s official app and many other apps you can use based on your TV show.

Note: Before getting started, you should note that your phone and Android TV must be connected to the same WiFi connection for these apps to work.

Google TV App

You can use the Google TV app on any Android phone or tablet and use your phone as a mouse and piano for your Android TV. Here’s how to set your phone remote:

1. Open the Google TV app on your Android phone.

2. On the main page, near the bottom right corner, tap Distance.

3. Now at the top, tap on “Scaning for devices” and select your TV from the list.

4. After that, install the display code on your TV to match your phone with the TV.

5. Once your phone is connected, you can use your phone’s keyboard to print to your TV.

Click on the small keyboard icon above to start playing and apart from this, you can control as well as control the volume on your TV using the Google TV app.

Android TV Remote Control

You can also use any third party Android TV remote control app on your phone that can act as a piano for your TV according to its model. iga. We are using the OnePlus Connect app.

1. Click and install OnePlus Connect app on your phone.

2. Open the app and tap on the small remote control icon in the lower right corner.

3. On the next page, you will see the available devices to connect, select your TV.

4. That is, your phone will be connected to your TV remotely.

You can use the access space to navigate like a mouse or a trackpad and when you need to use the key, the keyboard on your phone will automatically display.

This way you can use your phone as a keyboard on your TV. For some things Android TV tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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