Buy $ 15 Million on iPhones in Just 2 Seconds on Sundays

When Monday started in 2009, it was a Chinese brand in which companies announced a lot of sales on November 11th. Since then it has grown to more countries and companies around the world participating, and every year it’s amazing to see how much money is spent during the sales themselves.

So, it looks like this year was one of those years, and it seems to have been very useful to Apple. That’s because according to a report from CNBC, Chinese online store JD was able to sell about 100 million yuan worth of iPhones, about $ 15 million, in 2 seconds.

Yes, the company was able to raise $ 15 million worth of iPhones in less time than you needed to read this article! The report adds that in terms of sales, Alibaba and JD were the only ones able to accumulate about $ 139 billion worth of sales at the time of the sale, which appears to have set a new record. .

As we said, Sunday has grown over the years which used to be a sales day, but for the past few years, we have seen the change to become a week with a long thing from the beginning of November onwards. and 11.

Log in Apple >Cell phone. Read more about Chinese ma iPhone. Source: cnbc

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