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One of the most annoying things that can ask you after a full sleep and quiet is, “Does he look tired?” I can’t help waking up swollen eyes every day- I was born with swollen eyes. For some, the swelling around the eyes may be due to an a the eza for others (myself included) it can be a mix genetics and / or issues inflammatory and circulatory. If you tend to have inflammation or circulatory issues, be sure to stay hydrated and limit sodium in your diet; night and day is different for me. Okay, so once I had to live with my puffy eyes in peace (unless I got the filling under my eyes) I rolled my eyes. I have tested all the eye patches, tools, serums, TikTok trends you can imagine. I also tried to freeze tea bags. The green tea bag really worked. Although I found a de-puffing ritual that I swear to, I enlisted the help of a de-pufing guru and beautician, Joomee song, how to treat swollen eyes professionally.

What causes swollen eyes?

“There are so many reasons for swollen eyes. In some situations, swollen eyes can be the result of an underlying disease, such as thyroid disease. Allergies or lack of sleep can be another reason, “Sung said. But the most common reason he sees with customers is due to his diet. which can make your eyes swell. ‘

How can I treat puffy eyes?

Songe affirmed that tools are one of the most effective ways to treat puffy eyes because they stimulate blood flow, “The most effective and accessible treatment for puffy eyes is to stimulate blood flow, which helps reduce water retention by providing oxygen, draining toxins and reducing inflammation and puffiness. You can use your hands or your favorite tools, and taking a warm shower or jumping in a sauna will help boost your body’s metabolism to reduce bloating. ”

Ingredients to avoid in products?

“When applied, you should avoid anything that irritates your skin, so stay away from alcohol, menthol, and strong oils and essential acids, including retinoic acid and ascorbic acid,” Songe said.

Ingredients to avoid in the diet?

As Sung and I mentioned earlier, salt is often the main culprit: “You need to stay away from anything that disturbs gas, alcohol, and the digestive system, often including gluten, spices, dairy, and sugar. Also, medications that dehydrate your body can cause severe water retention on your face, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Which ingredients in the product can treat swollen eyes quickly?

“Unfortunately, there is no” quick “solution to treat puffy eyes, as the body needs time to get rid of excess water from our system. However, I like to use vitamin K and arnica to treat puffy eyes. I know that vitamin K and arnica help increase blood flow to the capillaries. is, ”Songe explained.

Keep moving to read Song’s favorite products, treat puffy eyes, and swear my despair routine!

Jomee Song’s favorites

My De-Puffing Rite

Step 1: Drink 32 oz of water

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink 32 oz of water to speed up and cleanse my digestive tract. any out toxins. Staying hydrated will help your eyes appear less swollen throughout the day.

Step 2: Round the ice

After hydrating, I immediately ice the area under the eye with a roller or balloon. Using ordinary ice cubes when I’m traveling also does the trick. Cool the area under the eye reduces inflammation and inflammation by reducing blood flow.

Step 3: Patch it up

I am obsessed with eye patches. This may be the most important step (or the step I enjoy the most) in my de-puff routine. I see the biggest difference after this step. I often use rollers or balloons along with eye patches to kill two birds with one stone.

Step 4: Gua Sha

Gua sha is very effective in getting rid of toxins, allergies and inflammation caused. When using gua sha under the eyes it is important to be smooth as the skin is thin and delicate. After applying facial oil, I gua sha lightly move it from the inside eye to the outside of the eye and slide it to the ear to the neck to leave fluid and toxins in my lymph nodes. I slide the gua sha on each side about 4-5 times.

Step 5: Tremor and heat

I don’t do this every day, but I have to do it every time I’m applying makeup. I use NuFace Fix or Solawave. The vibrational and heat effects of the instruments improve skin circulation by improving the distribution of oxygen and nutrients.

Step 6: Eye cream

The last step in my de-puff routine is to seal it with an eye serum or cream. I look for a lighter density eye cream to avoid miles or congestion.

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