Google One Subscribers On iOS Get Access To Special Options In Google Photos

If you’re a subscriber to Google One on iOS, you might be interested to know that Google has announced that subscribers will get more features for Google Photos compared to those who use the free tier.

What are we talking about? For those who are subscribed to a Google One subscription, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the basic and diligent learning tools in Google Photos.

We’re talking about features like Portrait Light to help change the position and brightness of the lights in photos, background lighting to help create a visual image after the process, color focus, wise advice, HDR, and the sky, which uses machine learning to help change the color of the sky in your images.

These are some of the coolest apps available, and if you’ve already paid for Google One just for the storage, that means a nice bonus. Keep in mind that users need to own an iPhone with 3GB of RAM or more and run on iOS 14 or later, which means older iPhones with Google One subscription should stay with outside.

For those unfamiliar, Google One is a paid storage service from Google. As a replacement for iCloud and Microsoft’s OneDrive, it might be a good choice for those who invest heavily in Google’s products and services.

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