iOS 15.2 Add Macro Toggle To Camera App

One of the features of the iPhone 13 is the ability to capture macro images. However, it is a bit annoying to use macro mode which is automatically enabled when something is detected that is closed, which is sometimes not what the user expected. Apple later unveiled a collage on conditions that would allow users to manually click on the macro.

However, this is not good because what if the user wants to use it later? Thankfully, it seems that Apple finally came to iOS 15.2 to be right. According to a tweet by @DylanMcD8, it appears that in the latest beta of iOS 15.2, Apple has added a macro toggle into the camera itself.

How it works, as you can see in the video above, is when it detects a close -up image, a small image and a flower that turns yellow to indicate that it is in macro mode. However, if that is not the user’s intention, they can click on the delete icon, and bring it back up four more times. ‘ live.

It’s quick and easy to use and we don’t know why it wasn’t part of the design in the first place, but we think it’s much later than never. iOS 15.2 is in beta and this is the only iPhone 13 that supports macros, so if you own an iPhone 13, it could be an update to look forward to.

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