This awesome Wall-E robot is the deep sea: gadgets

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“The Benthic Rover II is the size of a small car, even though it inflates the fat, making it more like a science tank. That, four ‘ combined with two front -facing eye -catching machines, to give a kind of PALE. -E vibe.Instead of exploring a rubbish landscape, the BR-II travels to the Pacific Ocean, 13,000 feet deep. The robot’s mission: To travel through rocky terrain looking for clues about the carbon emissions in the deep ocean.

That mission begins with a wild ride, 180 miles off the coast of Southern California. Scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute lower the BR-II into the water and then … leave it. Not fully installed, the robot drops free for two and a half hours, and lands on the plains — large parts of what you might kindly call the skin. “It’s slow and dusty at the same time,” says MBARI electrical engineer Alana Sherman, author new paper in Robotics Science describes the findings from robot events. “Part of the reason is a checkpoint, and there are these general steps.” That extra layer distributes the robot’s weight so it doesn’t sink into the sand.

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