AppliedVR guarantees $ 36 million to combine health and virtual reality

AppliedVR, a California-based virtual reality startup, has It raised $ 36 million disruption of the healthcare industry by developing the next generation of therapeutic immersions.

The Series B funding round brings the total funding raised by the startup to $ 71 million. It had the participation of F-Prime Capital, JAZZ Venture Partners, Sway Ventures and SVB Ventures. Zack Lynch, co-founder and managing director of JAZZ Venture Partners, mentioned the company’s decision to participate:

“Virtual reality is now a smart, practical and effective therapy for healthcare because of innovations from companies like AppliedVR. The pandemic has shown that the U.S. healthcare system needs more access to care through scalable solutions available in people’s homes, and powerful therapies with VR are the perfect solution. As a market leader in the development of prescription digital therapies based on virtual reality, we are pleased to support such an exceptional team at AppliedVR. ”

AppliedVR was created with the mission of gathering power virtual reality to develop new therapeutic treatments for chronic pain. The startup published the results of its eight-week randomized clinical trial, which showed that its technology was successful in significantly “improving” multiple pain outcomes in the clinic. Matthew Stoudt, co-founder and CEO of AppliedVR, said of this approach:

“For a long time now, we have believed that people need to take pills or have confidence in surgery to feel better and have a better quality of life. At AppliedVR, we are building a unique piece of evidence for providers and payers to demonstrate that immersion therapy can meet the massive unmet need of patients who are frustrated with current treatment paradigms. And we start with chronic pain, one of the most complex and expensive conditions. ”

Chronic pain is estimated to cost the United States more than $ 635 billion annually, and will become an increasingly serious problem as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. By making non-pharmaceutical treatments available to patients from the comfort of their own homes, AppliedVR can help millions of patients improve their quality of life.

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