5 kinetic devices to relieve stress on a tiring work day

Dealing with problems at work on a day off is part-time, unless you mention the pressures and stress of your job. Stress always tends to affect productivity on such days. And the best we can do to sabotage this unhealthy combination of work and work pressure is to have a toy or two to distract our minds for a while. This is where kinetic widgets come into play.

Although these tools are designed for corporate workers, anyone who is busy or has a boring day can use these gadgets to relax. With that in mind, let’s look at how these tools work.

1. Titanium rotating cannon

Source: ForeverSpin / Amazon

If you think that messing with things on your desk is a waste of time, you can’t go wrong! Recent research shows that you mess around or play with kinetic desk toys on your desk helps increase your productivity and improve concentration. And the titanium spinning toy is a kinetic widget here to help you with it.

Weighing 0.6 ounces (17 grams), this exquisite work of art continues to spin until you want to stop. Made of the finest metals and alloys, the titanium rotating tip is the perfect combination of durability with first-class appearance and feel.

You can keep this titanium tabletop spinning and at the same time think about the things you are stuck in; helps you focus on tasks and clarify your thoughts. So, the next time you face an unproductive day, the titanium rotating tip can help turn it!

2. Lolicopter

Source: THE ART OF PLAYING / Amazon

For the record, just because it’s called “Lollicopter” doesn’t mean it will make you go LOL. You will definitely not fall from your chair laughing after watching what he does.

Lollicopter is a motorized device that shows some beautiful transformations of shapes that will delight your eyes. The moment you turn it on, turn it on begins to rotate smoothlyshowing the spiral shape at the end of each rotation.

There is also an LED mode if you want to make it look even more attractive. Once you switch to this mode, you will see an illuminated circle around the Lollicopter, which also makes it a nice sight in the dark. This is one of the perfect kinetic desk toys to look at and think about instead of looking blank at your desk.

3. Horizon with square wave

Horizon with square wave
Source: Atelani / Amazon

If you are looking for a first-class desk toy or anti-stress tool, you will not find anything better than Square Wave Horizon. Just look at this eternal work of art!

Made by Atellani in Italy, Square Wave Horizon is a good substitute to Newton’s well-known cradle. It was first designed by British artist Ivan Black.

The square wave is hung on a stand. To use it, you need to hold both ends and rotate them back and forth. Then you will begin to see the amazing visual effects that rotations create. These visuals can quickly help you relax on a boring day and focus on your current task.

4. Magnetic touch pen

Magnetic pen with accessories
Source: asuku / amazon

The pen is one of the most common devices that we confuse on the desk or stare at pointlessly. If you have a habit of rotating a pen between your fingers while thinking, the magnetic touch pen is one of the best kinetic gadgets that can help your cause.

Unlike a standard pen, you can make countless shapes, patterns or sculptures from a magnetic pen. It is made of 13 small cylindrical magnetic tubes. Other accessories include 8 medium, 2 large and 2 small metal balls.

As long as you can imagine different shapes and sizes, there are many things you can do this magnetic touch pen. What’s more, it’s also a good gift choice for your friends at work.

5. Kinetic desk toy

Rotating desk toy
Source: samisoler / Amazon

Bored of everyday tasks? Wait until you put your hands on this little piece of magic and get your mood back on track. Made of aluminum by Samisoler, the kinetic desk toy creates the effect of a hypnotic illusion when you start rotating it on your desk.

All the credit for the effect goes to the milled lines on the spherical surface. What’s more, it rotates silently, so you don’t have to worry about making noise while playing with it in your office.

The optimum rotation speed is about 60 seconds, but you can exceed 2 minutes if you rotate it by force. So, the next time you’re in a hopeless mood, trust the magic effect of this kinetic desk toy to help you.

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